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The 0816 feeder parts for OpenPnP

The 0816 feeder parts for OpenPnP

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0816  feeder  parts:


pecial note


This set of parts does not contain plastic parts. The plastic part is printed by yourself with a 3D printer. Please go to openpnp's official website to get the information of 0816 feeder.  The figure below is only an installation diagram。




Packing list

1: N20 reduction motor *1;

2:SG90  micro servo *1;

3: PCB *1;

4:   Switch*1;

5:   20mm  Compression spring*2;

6:15mm  Tension spring  *1;

7:M3 gasket*2;

8:M3*20  Self tapping screw*2;

9:M3*20   Machine screw*2;

10:M1.7*8   Wafer Head Self Tapping Screw *8;

11:M3*5  Self tapping screw*2;


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