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A02 Aluminum frame for OpenPnP

A02 Aluminum frame for OpenPnP

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Product  parameters

Length of x-axis linear  guide: 500mm

Length of y-axis linear  guide: 540mm

Width  of  linear  guide: 12mm

Model  of  linear  guide:  MGN12

Recommended timing belt width:10mm

Aluminum profile cross section:40mm*20mm

Length tolerance:0.05mm

A02  Aluminum frame  fit  for  0816  feeder.

Get  the   Installation demonstration drawing   here:









Application example



Special note


1:  In order to reduce the transportation cost, you will only receive parts, and you need to assemble the framework yourself.

2:All the parts  are made of metal.

3:You can adjust the height of the platform through 8 corner codes  in  the  packing list.

4:A01 frame can adapt to the front installation and rear installation of 0816 feeder. Please go to openpnp official website to obtain the design information of 0816 feeder.


front installation of 0816 feeder


rear installation of 0816 feeder



Packing list

Aluminum profile frame  *1  

Synchronous shaft (Φ8mm-450mm) * 1

MGN12  linear  guide(500mm) *1

MGN12  linear  guide(540mm) *2

Linear slider*2  (MGN12H)


Flange bearing(Φ8mm)*2

Idler gear(2GT-10mm-Φ5mm) *9

Synchronous gear(2GT-10mm-Φ5mm)*2

Synchronous gear(2GT-10mm-Φ8mm)*1

corner codes *8

All screws


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