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A08-Bottom USB camera for OpenPnP

A08-Bottom USB camera for OpenPnP

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Camera  Parameters

Light  Parameters

  1:  Rated voltage:24V   

  2:  Rated current :0.04A   

  3:LED power:0.04W 

  4:  LED  voltage:  2V

  5:  LED  current:20mA

  6:  LED  colour:Red

special note

1: The bottom  camera changes its focus manually.

2: It can be used at the bottom.

3: In order to improve the operation speed of the openpnp  mounter, the frame rate of this camera is fixed at 30 FPS.

4:The advantage of red light is not dazzling.

Packing list

Camera  *1

Lighit   *1

USB  cable  2m

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