Microsmt PNP V3 mounter

The pnpV3 is an all aluminum alloy kit,. Its motherboard is the microsmt pnpboard V7 which make by us. an have two steel high strength elastic holder. It works well under the powerful Openpnp software. You only need to print the green parts according to the shared STL drawings (including feeders and nozzle replacement station) .

We ship the kits to you through 4PX, DHL, FedEx and UPS. You need to pay customs duties or VAT according to local customs laws.

You can also order the same products on ebay

watch the video here: https://youtu.be/PuisR87F3ic

Poor man feeder

We have finished the manufacturing work of the Poor man feeder.Each MEGA2560 controller can control 24 feeders. Its gear driving mode makes the distance of each advance very precise. The shutter can press the component to prevent it jump out. After verification, it can drive 0402 elements perfectly.
You can also order the same products on ebay

Watch the video ---Continuous feeding 0402 for 10 minutes--- here


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