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Mainboard for OpenPnP (microsmt pnpboard)

Mainboard for OpenPnP (microsmt pnpboard)

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 Microsmt  pnpboard


Material:  PCB  

Color: green

Thickness: 1.6mm 

MCU:   LPC1769FBD100

           120 MHz frequencies , 512 KB Flash, 64 KB SRAM, Ethernet, USB, LQFP100   Package

This mainboard is made according to the open source materials of smoothieboard, and the boot program and firmware have been configured. The firmware comes from  the version   provided by makr.

 you  can  download  the firmware  from

you  can  download  the  PCB's  Design  documents  and  User Manual  from


I have saved the firmware on the SD card ,You can use it directly.



special note

Precautions for adjusting the driving current of stepping motor

1: When you adjust the potentiometer to change the output current, you must remove the stepping motor first, otherwise the TMC2209 will be damaged

 2: When you measure the voltage of the potentiometer, you must connect the 24V power supply. USB power supply is not enough.

 3: Take care that the radiator does not touch the pin.


Packing list

PCB  board *1
TMC2209  Drive module *6
Radiator *6
USB   cable *1
Micro SD card*2


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