A02-PM feeder parts for OpenPnP

A02-PM feeder parts for OpenPnP

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special note

      1:EU buyers can only ship at the default shipping cost if you provide IOSS . 
            If you cannot provide IOSS, please confirm the shipping cost with me before you  order  it ,  because  only DHL  and  Fedex can deliver the goods to EU without  IOSS,  and the shipping cost will be higher than the default.

      2:  This set of parts does not contain plastic parts. The plastic part is printed by yourself with a 3D printer.  The figure below is only an installation diagram.     

Watch the   demonstrate   videos  here  : https://www.youtube.com/@bingluo8417/

  Get   the  open source document: https://github.com/microsmt/Microsmt-PNP-hardware

12mm&16mm  feeder   is  designed   by  Mike menci,  I have made modifications to fit my accessories. Please send me an Email to  get  the 3D drawings  bingluo@microsmt.com.cn

Watch the  demonstrate   video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTcb-D2f2xM


Product parameters

1:  8-2mm for  0402    package.    8-4mm  for 0603    package.

2:   Each MEGA2560(0816) control board can be connected with 24 poerest man    feeder.

3: The source code of 0816 feeder is completely consistent with that of poorest man feeder.


Packing list

 feeder feed gear CL8*2/4-K87-M1120-00X 1
 element  press  cover CL8*2/4-KW1-M1340-00X/KW1-M1340-010 1
push on  bird mouth KW1-M112A-00X 1
Limited   bird mouth K87-M111H-20XK87-M111H-00X 1
Steel spacer 6mm*4mm*1.2mm 1
Steel spacer  8mm*4mm*1mm 1
servo MG90D(or  SG90D)  1
N20 reduction motor 60r/min 1
  limit switch SS-5GL 1
feeder  PCB Consistent with 0816 1
Extension spring 05*6*25mm 2
locking screws 4 * 12  1
locking screws 5*9 1
locking screws 5*13 1
Self-tapping screw M1.7*8 2
Self-tapping screw M1.7*5 10
Self-tapping screw m3*5 4
Self-tapping screw m3*8 2



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